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Mike Disa was born and lived on the South Side of Chicago until coming out to L.A. in an old Delta 88 with no money and no contacts but big dreams to break into the film business.

After working as an Animator/Story Artist at Disney Feature Animation, Warner Feature, Marvel, Amblin, and Hanna Barbara, Mike struck out to become an independent Director/Writer creating the horror/comedy series pilot Creepwood for Warner Brothers, directing two national animated commercials, and the DVX award nominated Disney short, The Origin of Stitch. 

Mike moved onto sequence directing Rob Zombie’s R-rated THE ADVENTURES OF EL SUPER BEASTO before being recruited Mike to direct TWC’s HOODWINKED TOO: HOOD VS. EVIL. Mike also directed Hayden Panettiere’s music videos for the film before moving on to EA’s animated adaptions of DANTE’S INFERNO and DEADSPACE: AFTERMATH. 

Mike returned to family films with the well-received English film POSTMAN PAT, THE MOVIE for Icon and SPACE DOGS, ADVENTURE ON THE MOON for Epic Pictures as well as directing several episodes of WB’s WABBIT.

Mike recently show-ran Warner Brother’s new animated series THE NEW WACKY RACES, directed Netflix’s PARADISE PD and the live-action film DOLPHIN ISLAND.

Just before the Covid lockdown, Mike wrote and directed the live-action DOLPHIN ISLAND – an uplifting film about the love and faith that hold a family together during tough times. 

He is using the time provided by the Covid crisis to write and produce the epic sci-fi podcast SENTINELS: POINT OF NO RETURN with Chris Judge and some of the best actors in sci-fi.  

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